Air Quality Data

Algoma Steel Inc. monitors air quality through two ambient air quality monitoring stations maintained by the company. The stations are located on Wallace Terrace, just west of Goulais Avenue, and on Patrick Street at the former William Merrifield Public School.

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The stations continuously monitor two key air quality parameters:


TRS is "Total Reduced Sulphur"
The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks ambient air quality criterion for TRS is 7 micrograms per cubic metre (5 parts per billion) for a 24 hour period and 13 micrograms per cubic metre for a 10 minute period (10 parts per billion).


PM10 is "fine particulate matter"
The adopted Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks interim ambient air quality criterion for PM10 is 50 micrograms per cubic metre for a 24-hour period, which is based on a Canada Wide Standard.

The following table shows the current data:

Algoma Steel Inc. Air Quality Information
Parameter Sensor Location Units Value
TRS Wallace Terrace Station Hourly parts per billion 0
PM10 (1) Wallace Terrace Station 24 hour micrograms per cubic metre 9
TRS Patrick Street Station Hourly parts per billion 2
~Wind Direction Vector(2) Wallace Terrace Station Hourly degrees 132
Wind Speed Vector(2) Wallace Terrace Station Hourly km/hr 3
Air Temperature Wallace Terrace Station Hourly Celsius degrees -9
Relative Humidity Wallace Terrace Station Percent 73
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Meterological Data from:
#4 Gate Goulais Avenue Meteorological Station

~KEY: Wind direction in degrees from 0 to 360
Direction Degrees
From North 0, 360
From East 90
From South 180
From West 270

(1) PM10 average is based on a 24-hour rolling average period.
(2) Vector wind speed and direction provide a vector mean of all the instantaneous samples of wind direction and wind speed sampled each hour.
(3) Data is presented in Local Standard Time. This means that data may appear with a one hour offset timestamp during Daylight Time.